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Early in the USGenWeb project, neither computer systems nor the Internet was as sophisticated as it is today. Pioneers in the USGenWeb projects manually answered emails and posted queries on their websites. Today, many County Coordinators wear more than one hat in the project and do not have the luxury of time to answer and post each separate query.

Luckily, Ancestry.com and Genealogy.com, as well as the Rootsweb site(s), have extensive message posting boards in many categories. You can log onto Family Forums for one particular surname, County or State Forums, or special interest forums on all of these sites.

To that end, there is not an official Georgia State Query page at this time. We invite you to check out the following links to query and message boards that may help you in your quest for family history.

This forum has surname and regional boards, as well as general boards such as immigration, emigration, migration, religious wars, etc.

Search the Rootsweb Surname List and sign up to post your own names to this huge database.

This website also has message boards and searchable queries. Boards range from location-oriented to topics like adoption, cemeteries, obituaries, and more.

For general queries on unknown Georgia localities, visit this Rootsweb Board.

Go to: Rootsweb Message Boards for Georgia [and] Rootsweb Mailing Lists for Georgia