Mail List

Once accepted to the project, new county coordinators will be subscribed to the business mailing list. While subscription is required, only the list administrator may sign up new members or change email addresses. List members may be subscribed in regular or digest mode. Once subscribed, coordinators may post messages by sending mail to

Chatty posts are allowed on this mailing list. However, please place BIZ in the subject line when sending messages all members should read. Some members prefer not to read chat and use BIZ to filter their messages.

One is for individual messages to be delivered to your e-mail address. As each subscriber to the list sends messages to the list address, you will receive a copy of the message. (for individual messages) (for a digest of multiple messages)

To post messages to everyone on the list:

The GAGenWeb Mailing List is an e-mail list aimed at furthering genealogical research for those whose families might have pioneered–settled in–or just passed through Georgia.

The GAGEN-D list is for a digest of several accumulated messages to be delivered to your email address. As each subscriber to the list sends messages to the list address, they are put into a digest to be delivered later. The digest is generated approximately once a day and delivered to digest subscribers. This option is handy for people who don’t want multiple messages to accumulate in their mail box.

To manage your subscription, send an e-mail message to the address above and use any of the following commands, typed within the subject line of your e-mail message. Type ONLY one of the commands as it is shown below. Do not add any extra words or lines of text: subscribe (or) unsubscribe

Do NOT use a signature file attached to the e-mail message. The software reads your message and tries to answer each command it finds. When it runs across your signature file it gets a bit confused and will send you a message stating something like ‘Do not recognize command ‘Jones’. Do not recognize command “Smith”, etc.

We are looking forward to your participation!
Linda Blum-Barton, State Coordinator